In-Class Course

At this time, we are anticipating no disruptions to our Autumn 2021 In-Class Course, however we are keeping seating limited to allow for distancing. This may change depending on the current state of Public Health Orders and case numbers in Alberta. We will continually be in touch with all registered students to keep you up to date on any changes.

COVID-19 Processes

1. Each student will have their own desk, and physical distancing will be strictly enforced.
2. All students are required to wash their hands when they enter the building.
3. All tables, chairs, and common surfaces are cleaned routinely.
4. Wearing a mask, as per the Edmonton Temporary Face Coverings Bylaw, is now mandatory. Additionally, Provincial health orders also require all students to wear a mask.
5. Any student who is ill or showing any symptoms for any of the days cannot attend, and must get tested and receive a negative result before they come back. We will set up that student to attend remotely while they are waiting for their results so they don’t miss any class time.

What if the Autumn Class is cancelled due to COVID-19?

In that instance we will either be re-booking to the next available dates at our location, or we will be transferring students to our next already scheduled course date. We will be in contact with students to let them know new dates as we know them.

Online Course

Online courses are running as normal due to the inherent remote nature of online learning.

How can I take the exam during the closures?

Students have the option to wait for one of our sittings (they occur twice a year, in spring and autumn).

Some locations are in the process of opening back up, and we will work with the student to help find a location in your area to have the exam invigilated.

Some students may have to wait until a location in their area is open again in order to be able to take the exam.