Frequently Asked Questions

Are you accredited?

We are accredited by the Province of Alberta to offer both in-class and online courses. Our accreditation number for the in-class course is #AT000498 and the accreditation number for the online course is #AT000527.

After taking the course am I now an investigator?

In order to become a licensed investigator in Alberta you must complete the course, take the provincial exam, and then submit your application to the Solicitor General. Once you receive your license from the Solicitor General you are now legally entitled to work as an investigator in Alberta.

You can find more information on the licensing process on the Security Services website here.

How do I take the provincial exam?

For In-Class Students – The exam sitting is included with the course on the afternoon of the final day.

For Online Students – There are two options for online students. The first is to book an exam with a third-party invigilator in your area. Once the course is completed, we will help walk you through this process. There is an additional option, on a first-come first serve basis, for those who have completed their online course for to write with one of our in-class exam sittings. Please note these seats are extremely limited, are not a guaranteed to be available, and will not be held if a student has not completed their course work at least two weeks prior to the exam writing date.

Is the online course available any time?

Yes. The online course is designed for you to work at your own pace. You can begin any time from when you sign up, and you have 12 months to complete the course.

How long does the online course take?

The recommended time you take to complete the course is approximately 60 hours. Most students will complete the course in 2-4 weeks.

How can I get help on course materials for the online course?

We welcome and encourage all our online students to contact the instructor, Brendan Burke, with any questions they have about materials or concepts while they are taking the course. After you purchase and start the course, on the first page there is contact information so you can easily get a hold of Brendan.

What are the computer requirements to take the online course?

We use Thinkific for the delivery of the course. The course works on desktop, laptop, and tablet devices. You can read more about the requirements here on the Thinkific website.

What are the costs for the course?

The In-Class course is $1199 plus GST for four weekends (9 am – 5 pm). The online course is $350 plus GST.

Illness Processes For In-Class Students

We request that all students who are ill (cold, COVID-19, flu, etc.) stay home. Contact the instructor prior to missing any time, and let us know that you are ill. We have a system in place so that for the day or two you miss, you can learn remotely in order to not miss any time to still obtain your certification.

We do not require proof of immunization to attend the course.