In-Class Alberta Investigator Course

Gilliam Burke Investigations is now offering in-person classes twice a year for our Alberta Professional Investigator Training course. We are the only working investigators currently offering this course in person in Edmonton.

The Instructor

This course is taught by accredited trainer, Brendan Burke. Brendan is a licensed Investigator in Alberta with nearly a decade of industry experience, and is the only actively working Professional Investigator offering this course to the public in Edmonton.

In-Class Vs. Online Course

While the online, self-guided study we offer in our online course can be great for some students, we know that in-person group education works best for others.

Our in-person classroom setting is perfect for students who want guided study and class discussion. You will be able to ask the instructor any questions related to the class material as you are learning, clarify ideas, and really learn the ins and outs of investigations in a structured environment.

What’s Included

In this course we’ll go over law, regulations, and industry best practices for licensed Investigators in Alberta. We will also discuss the business of being a professional investigator, including best business processes and practices.

There are nine modules in this course:

  1. Introduction to the Investigation Industry
  2. Professionalism and Ethics
  3. Health & Safety
  4. Law & The Canadian Legal System
  5. Use of Force
  6. Investigations
  7. Communications and Report Writing
  8. Specialized Investigations
  9. The Business of Investigations

This course is approved by the Government of Alberta, and a requirement in order to take your provincial exam and obtain your license.

How it works

Our course is taught over four two-day blocks, for a total of seven-and-a-half, 8 hour days of instruction (60 hours total). On the final day there will be a review session in the morning, then the provincial exam in the afternoon.

  1. You can decide whether to pay a deposit ($450 + GST), or the full cost of the course, including deposit, ($950 + GST) now. Please note the deposit portion ($450 + GST) is non-refundable.
  2. You will receive an email confirmation of sign up from us within one business day from payment.
  3. If you paid the deposit but not the full cost of your seat, complete payment for the course is due 30 days before the course start date. You will receive an invoice via Stripe to the email address you signed up with. If you do not pay the remaining funds by the due date, you will not be allowed to attend the course, and you will not receive a refund of your deposit. (please note, if you are paying less than 30 days prior to the course start date, you will only have the option to pay the full amount for the course, and this amount is non-refundable)
  4. Once your seat is paid in full, you will receive via email the address of the location of the course. The course is being held in the Whyte Ave/Bonnie Doon area of Edmonton.
  5. Upon completion of the course, you will receive a certificate of completion on the exam day.
  6. The price of the course includes one (1) exam attempt. If you do not pass your first attempt, it is the student’s responsibility to re-book the exam at another exam testing centre (please note, there are additional fees for each attempt). We will help guide you through this process.
  7. The cost includes a physical, bound copy of the provincial textbook for the course, which you will receive on the first day of the course.
  8. Attendance is required for all 7 days of teaching, plus the exam date. If you miss a day, you will fail the course automatically and not be allowed to write the exam.

We are now accepting students for our March 2020 course. Deadline to sign up is February 12, 2020.

Dates for the course are:
First block: Saturday, March 7 & Sunday, March 8
Second block: Saturday, March 14 & Sunday, March 15
Third block: Saturday, March 21 & Sunday, March 22
Final instruction day: Saturday, March 28
Review session & exam date: Sunday, March 29

The instructor will have a review session in the morning of March 29 that is mandatory to attend, with the provincial exam happening in the afternoon. Instruction days are from 9 am to 5 pm.

Pay your deposit or full amount to secure your seat (GST is included in the price):
Pay Deposit – $472.50 (includes GST):
Pay Full Tuition – $997.50 (includes GST):

We accept payments via the secure payment processor, Stripe. Stripe will accept all major credit cards, along with Visa Debit cards.

Our next course will be in September 2020. Please note we are currently only accepting students for the March 2020 course. Want to know when our next registration opens? Join our list:

Terms & Conditions

  1. There is a minimum required number of students to run the course. If we do not reach the minimum required number of students, the total deposit/full payment will be refunded. You can also choose to hold a seat at our next course, or transfer some of the funds to our online course.
  2. Attendance for all 7.5 days of instruction, plus the exam is required. If you miss the exam, or any hours of instruction, you will automatically be failed, and you will not be allowed to write the exam. This is a requirement from the Solicitor General.
  3. If you do not pay the full amount 30 days prior to the start date of the course, you will be refused admittance to the course and your deposit will not be refunded.
  4. Should any student become unruly, or unduly impede the learning process of others in the classroom, that student will be asked to leave and not return. That student will not receive a refund.
  5. The course includes one (1) exam attempt and marking. Should the student not pass their first attempt, they must re-book the exam at another exam centre (library, post-secondary institution). Please note that exam centres charge a fee that is the responsibility of the student to pay. The student will also be required to pay Gilliam Burke Investigations prior to the next exam attempt $25 for each additional attempt as a marking fee.
  6. Should a student pay the full ($950 + GST) tuition prior to 30 days before the class start date, then cancel prior to 30 days before the class start date, the deposit will be kept ($450 + GST) and the non-deposit portion ($500 + GST) will be refunded to the student.
  7. Should a student pay the full tuition fee ($950 + GST) then wish to cancel less than 30 days prior to the start date, no refund of any portion of the tuition will be issued.

By paying for your seat, you are agreeing to the terms and conditions.